“Nicole does amazing work! You will be very pleased with the results.”


I have used her on a couple of properties over the years at times when the market was less than optimal. After her work was complete the sales were immediately forthcoming! I always think of her when I have friends or clients that have spaces that need Nicole’s skills! The experience and knowledge she has is extraordinary.

Carla Lee
Converting Homeownership Dreams to Reality
Bellingham, WA


“Hiring Nicole has been worth every penny and more.”


She helped me declutter, organize, prioritize and overcome fears associated with holding on to things. She has put the power of getting things done in my own hands and she has been there every step of the way.

Sammamish, WA


“I called Nicole to see if she could help get out house back on track after a particularly non productive week in quarantine with my family; husband, kids—even the dog was off!”


She did a remote clearing for us and the results were remarkable! Not only did her call to me after the clearing make it absolutely, beyond a doubt clear to me that she had “been in my home” without “being in my house”, she nailed it. I’ve gotten more done this week in less time than the previous two weeks put together. Same with my husband. My kids still don’t love distance learning, but they’re in a better frame of mind and at least making progress on their lessons. She is a miracle worker for sure! I highly recommend having her “spring clean” the energy in your home. You will all feel better!

Seattle, WA


“After my session with Nicole, I felt inspired and fortified to move forward in all areas of my life.”


She’s worth every penny, every minute of sorting this and releasing that, and every momentary discomfort. She’s the real deal and has been ever since my first session with her over 18 years ago! Ready for a shift, a change? Do it! You will be awed and amazed with the results you create with Nicole by your side.

Portland, OR


I wanted to give you an update and say thank you so much!


The house definitely feels different and so much better. The day that you left my husband and I both walked into the kitchen and it just seemed brighter and cleaner. It was almost like before the clearing, we were looking at the house through a fog. Also, my office space feels much more comfortable downstairs! I’m so grateful that you do this work!

Space Clearing Client