What is Energy Work?

I do energy work which means I help people like you with that messy junk drawer, the pile of papers you never get to, or that beautifully decorated room you don’t enjoy hanging out in.

Or maybe it’s not a room or space at all.

Maybe it’s a thought you can’t shake, the bad feeling that won’t go away or the horrible memory that won’t leave you alone.

Whatever “it” is – it doesn’t feel good, you’re feeling bad and you wish you had more flow and energy in your life.

That’s where I come in.

The difference between me and a traditional clutter-clearer type person is that a big part of my work is helping you see the meaning in your things and how your stuff relates to what’s going on in your life.
Once we’re there – we can start letting go.

A lot of stuff, like emotions and memories, may show up during our work – but I got ya.
We’ll break through and in a day or two you’ll be reaching out with that “OMG You’re never going to believe what happened!” text message.

It is my greatest delight when I get comments like “Wow, WHAT a difference. My home feels amazing!” (filled with smiley face and heart emojis, of course).


“So, what do you DO exactly?”  I get this question a lot.

Here’s the gist: when you hire me, we’ll work together (you + me) and sort out why you feel overwhelmed or stuck and we’ll start making it go away. And there’s a really neat way to do this: Your Stuff.


Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing anyway? It probably sounds a little out there. So, let me first say what won’t happen when I arrive at your house. I don’t show up with any bells or whistles. No sage. No Palo Santo. No smoldering ball of whoopity-doo on the end of chain.


Space clearing at work
Nicole Kincaid on a chair

Personal Clearing

You know how sometimes you just feel off? Maybe you’re crabby, irritated or extra emotional but you can’t figure out, what’s up?

And say, you don’t want to go to the Doc. But your usual ‘work it out’ exercise routine isn’t doing the job. You’re also not feeling open to big advice and talk about it therapy but—you truly do want to feel like yourself again.

Energy work can help.


Are My Services Right For You?

  • You want to feel way more comfortable inviting friends and family over.
  • The kids have taken over your once gloriously clean and organized space, and nothing makes sense anymore
  • You’ve moved in with your partner and want to co-mingle your things in a way that feels good to both of you
  • You’ve recently gone through a colossal life change and your space is a constant reminder of not-so-great times.
  • Deep down, you know that closet isn’t going to organize itself.
  • More than a few people have said, “Um, I know this sounds a little crazy, but has anyone asked you if you have a ghost in your home?”

More info

My additional service options include: Phone/Zoom sessions, distance clearing work and full day sessions.

I do travel often, so if you’re outside of Washington state and want to work together, don’t be shy! Let me know where you are on this big spinning orb and I’ll quote you. 

No clue where to begin and still have a ton of questions? I’d be happy to talk to you directly. Reach out to me here

For FAQ’s check out my blog “Is energy work right for you? The 7 questions I get asked the most, answered.”