Question: Do I have to be there for the appointment?
Answer: For Stuffology, yes. Stuffology is ALL about you and how you relate to your stuff in the world. So I need you there because you’re the genie in the bottle.

For a Space Clearing session, the answer is—it depends. If you’re selling the home or moving into a new-to-you home, you don’t have to be there (unless you want to!) because really, we’re not working with your energy or energy you’ve created.  However, if it IS your home or space, if it’s a place you spend time, I recommend you participate in the process with me. Simply because, a space clearing session is a lot like a therapy session for the home. You’re going to get a lot out of it, more than you think and you’re going to be glad you were there. It’s odd yet awe-inspiring how different your place will feel.

Question: What’s the process like anyway?
Answer: Stuffology is my version of clutter clearing/organizing but instead of focusing on the mechanics, we start with the back end and by that I mean—how you feel and what you think about what you have. This informs the whole process. Once we get that sorted out, we’ll keep crackin’ and get your place all tidied up and beautified.

Space clearing. First, let me mention what won’t happen. I won’t show up with any bells or whistles. No sage. No Palo Santo. No smoldering ball of whoopity-doo on the end of chain. No white light incantations.

What I do show up with is an immense amount of awareness, curiosity, a big open heart and a willingness to feel what’s going on in your space. Doing so, in such a profoundly deep and sensational way, this is literally the recipe that changes how your space feels.

Question: I’m thinking about it. How do I know when is ideal to book a session? How do I know when the right time is to book a session?
Answer: There’s no “right” answer to this question no matter what the circumstances. You just bought a house and haven’t moved in yet? You have a remodel scheduled? In-laws are coming for Thanksgiving? When when when should you do this?

Here are some guidelines:
-If you’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about it: book it.
-If you’re home literally feels awful, you’re not sleeping, there’s repetitive patterns occurring like accidents, illnesses, or something truly horrible happened: Book it.
-And, do a gut check. (No, seriously.) And ask yourself, Is this the right time? What’s the first response that comes up? Go with that.

Also, for real estate agents: If you have a home on the market, for the love of all things holy….HAVE IT CLEARED! I’ve worked with hundreds of sellers and agents and if I had a dollar bill for every time one of them said, “Dang, Nicole, I wish I would have done this sooner…!!!”

Question: Do you have references?
Answer: Yes! My website has client comments posted throughout.

Question: Do you offer Gift Cards?
Answer: I do! (Do I hear jingle bells? Santa ho-ho-ho-ing?) A gift card for the person in your life whose been saying, “Oh that sounds so cool, I’d love to do that!” is a special gift indeed. My goal is to be of value to you and all of the people important to you. If you have someone in mind that fits the “I want to do this!” profile, Christmas is a coming along here super soon and what a great gift this would be!

Question: How long have you been doing this work and how many clients have you worked with?
Answer: I started Stuffology when I was five years old, started getting paid for it when I was 19 and have been Stuffology-ing ever since, so about thirty years.

In 1999, I started learning how to work with energy and within months, began offering it as a service. Over the span of three decades, I’ve worked with, lectured to and offered workshops to thousands of clients. It’s my joy, passion and coded into my DNA to do this work in the world.

Question: What are your rates? And how long does it take? What if I need to cancel?
Answer: I offer two core services, Stuffology and Space Clearing, so my rates vary slightly in structure.

My fee for Stuffology is $125/hr, minimum of 2 hours. For more info on what that includes, go here.

For Space Clearing, I have a flat rate of $325. The session will be about an hour and a half (1.5 hrs).

Payment is due at time of service and I conveniently accept check, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and cash.

Please allow 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule. For cancellations with less than 24 hours, payment is due in full with 50% usable toward a future session.

For clients with a greater than thirty minute drive, I add mileage currently at 62.5 cents per mile.

Out of the Seattle area? Reach out and let me know where you are and I’ll quote you.
I love (love, LOVE) to travel, by the way.

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