SOMETIMES on space clearing jobs, I have help!

This time, it was Mari the cat.

A week or so ago, I drove out to clear a property on the peninsula that’s going through a big remodel. It’s *out* there, surrounded by woods, and sooo extra extra quiet. You can not experience that kind of low volume anywhere in the city—even if you have a little bit of property.

When I opened my car door the air felt almost electric as it passed through my nose, cleared my head and radiating though my lungs. AHHHHH. This property is one of those slices of heaven.
But it needed some shifting due to intense previous owner/occupant circumstances.

The new owners weren’t there so I let myself in.
Within 10 seconds a black blur raced by me. Oh, the cat! I’d been told about Mari. I called out for her and a few moments went by and then she bobbed and weaved in my direction. As soon as I reached down to give her a pet, it was GAME ON.

Mari was all in!

What I mean by that is cats and dogs are energetically so sensitive. How many senses do they have? WAY more than we think. They are like their very own lightening rods and fascinating to observe when energy is shifting and changing. Their filters are few!

This clever, sensitive feline, to my sweet delight and surprise, followed me (often leading me, tbh!) throughout the entire clearing. I mean really! SO FUN!

And yea, there was quite a bit of significant dark, dank, disturbed energy in this home from previous owners. (The energy of heavy addiction patterns in a home and how it feels can be eerie & wild – that will be a part 2.)

Back to Mari, my helper. About half way in the session, I noticed an intensity in her starting to wear off. She went from what felt like “marching” around and “meow ! meow ! meow-ing” loudly to more of a dancing prancing. “Mari!” I said, “Are you feeling better in here!?” She just looked up at me and purred and gently slid along my legs. I felt soooo grateful to see and feel the changes in the home *through* Mari.

I mean, it was literal. I was def having my own experience, noticing the air get less dense, noticing the light quality become crisper, noticing a feeling of levity and fun flicker in. Feeling the actual owners energies and personalities vs an uncomfortable rattle and noise from what used to be there.
But I have to say, observing a cats response to the energy shifting in a space was EXTRA. I loved it. I told the owner I kinda didn’t want to leave. The energy is the home felt both relaxed and also vibrant (I love that combination) and I wanted to just lay prone on the floor with Mari and Be.
(Okay, so maybe I did do that for a minute.)

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