How many of you out there have found a Gift Card you thought you lost, you find it (yay!) and then you realize, IT’S EXPIRED.

Or, equally frustrating, you’re at the Apple Store and no—you don’t have the $100 gift card on you from when you recycled your last iPhone. Why? Because they inserted the gift card into a square boxy envelope that fits into exactly zero wallet situations. Lame-o’s! Their fault. 100%.

So, here’s a super easy tip on finding, storing and then USING your gift cards.

It’s three easy steps:
1) Go get a see-through zipper 8×11 inch envelope. (If this step is challenging for you, please contact me for a Stuffology session.)

2) Take a tour of your home and go scavenger hunting for ALL your gift cards. Check your bureau, junk drawer and mail piles.

3) Now, take all your gift cards and put them in the zipper envelope (I call this a “department,” everything has a department in my world. Otherwise known as a “like items that belong together”) and then walk them straight to their new (temporary!) home, your car!

The chances of you walking somewhere and using a gift card isn’t that great. But having your envelope in your car visor or in between your seats or in your glove compartment—easy and right there when you need it. Even if you’re inside Banana Republic and you remember your gift card is in your car, it’s worth the five minute walk out to your car to go get it. Right? Yezzzzz.

Now, go forth and be organized feels so good!

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