I met my friend and Windermere real estate agent Phillipa for coffee not long ago. I was yammering about the ups and down of biz and said something like, “Everyone has stuff, most of us have too much stuff and feel stuck. I hear people in distress about this ALL THE TIME! I don’t understand why people don’t get help?”

Her answer was fantastic, “Well, it’s just not that fun.”

I’ve been doing clutter clearing type work basically my entire life and THIS never occurred to me. Today in fact, I was plunging my hand into the Costco sized peanut M&M container and suddenly had the thought, “Man, wouldn’t it be fun to sort all the M&M’s by color?” Okay, so I get it, I’m a weirdo. And I get that clutter clearing isn’t like a trip to Tahiti or watching “Game of Thrones” but really “not fun”? EEK! But “not fun” aside, if you’re cringing and feeling terribly about a room in your home that you just really kinda…hate, you might need a fun weirdo like me on your team. (Oh, and I promise, I won’t judge you.)

So (now) I get it. It’s not that fun but you know what IS? The feeling you get when you open your closet and it looks like a Pottery Barn Ad. What’s fun is when you press your garage door opener and you grin at how beautifully organized the paint cans and rolled up extension cords look against the back wall. What’s fun is opening up your spice and canned goods cupboard and—they’re all in order. I know, it’s a weird kind of “peace of mind” fun but trust me, it grows on you.

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