STORAGE UNITS! Whose got one? More people than I thought! I’ve been asking around a little bit and dang—my friends, we got lots of STUFF in storage units out there!

The prevailing response I got when I brought up the subject of storage units was a big SIGH and a “Don’t even GO there…” look. Oooo, sore subject. As I dug a little deeper, one client confessed, she has ten storage units. No judgment, yet, I could feel my eyes pop out of my head there for a sec (with wonder and curiosity of course). Another friend of mine admitted that she has three BUT she stages homes and needs a little extra space. She doesn’t need three storage units though, she thinks one, max two would do the job. Most people I chatted with “know” they need to deal with their storage unit, would genuinely “like” to but…out of sight, out of mind.

I then asked another buddy what storage units were costing nowadays, “One hundred bucks a month, give or take?”
Uh, nope.
$300 a UNIT is what she’s paying!
HOLY FREAKING SMOKES. That’s alotta dough.

Good news, I happen to love digging into storage units. And I love helping people eliminate the need for a storage unit (best case scenario) or at the very least—make it a space that’s functional and easy to get in and out of. In my experience, 99% of storage units are ROUGH and by that I mean, watch out when you slide the garage door up because sh*t might just fly out and hit you in the head. (That happened to me, I swear.)

So, here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m offering a special. In twenty years, I’ve never offered a “special” (EXCITING!) but this just has to happen. It’s a STORAGE UNIT SPECIAL!

Here’s the offer, super easy:

-$50 off my hourly rate ($150/hr), 2 hour min.
-Book me by December 31st. (Because I don’t want to clear out storage units in the freezing cold, unless you’re bringing hot cocoa.)

And why you’re going to say “HECK YAH, I’m IN!”?

-Storage units are super overwhelming, across the board. I’ve never had a client who hasn’t felt completely bowled over by the weight of their storage unit. It’s so much easier with a helping hand.
-You’re gonna save a bunch of money, you likely won’t even need your storage unit after our session!
-The feeling you’re going to have when it’s all cleared out is going to be so sensational! You’ll feel light as a feather.

Let’s connect and get this storage unit sitch handled, K? I look forward to hearing from you.

As always, feel free to pass on this offer to someone you know who might need some storage unit help. You know the one.

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