YES, it’s THAT TIME…my annual End of the Year Questions!

​But first, can I tell you something? I almost DID NOT send them out this year. Why? Because 2020 has been like no other, must we replay? Most of us would like to just keep on moving on, that rear view mirror is brutal.

​But then I was going through and cleaning up the questions and aww, they’re just too rich to not share! It dawned on me; this is the PERFECT year to review, reflect, ponder. To go, “OH FREAKIN’ WOW”.

Mulling over these questions and sharing them with clients, friends & family has been a twenty year long tradition. For me, it’s always been about inquiry. Curiosity. Gentleness with myself. Play and fun. Inspiration and hope. And maybe most of all, renewal.

​I hope they are for you too—a way to see inside and perhaps find an unexpected treasure amongst all the 2020 rubble.

Here they are, enjoy! 2020 Year in Review.pdf

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