“It was one of the best weeks of my life.” I know, that’s a big declaration. But that’s what I keep saying when people ask me about the Joe Dispenza workshop I attended a few months ago. I got introduced to Joe’s way back when “What the Bleep” was released and then rediscovered his work about a year ago. I dove right in—reading just about every book he wrote, absorbing podcast interviews and videos and working with his meditations daily.

What this guy teaches, and embodies, just feels like my homing signal.

Last July, I got to attend a week long live workshop with him (and 1000 others!) in Portland. It was a full-on body, mind, soul change and it shifted how I see absolutely e v e r y t h i n g – I just haven’t felt like the same person since. It has to do with the heart. It has to do with the brain. It has to do with the body. And it has to do with all the programs and stuff I’ve been believing all my life. All the ways that I’ve been on autopilot. And it has to do with bringing it all forward, which isn’t easy when the body is used being a certain way….you know, the habits!

Being in the group heart and mind setting though has a unique way of breaking through barriers in a way doing the work solo, while in our usual every day lives, doesn’t. Change can absolutely happen in OR out of a workshop, of course, but I found an accelerated, almost a catapulted effect, in this controlled setting. I refer to it as “being in the field”.

I was in the audience when Sandi (video below) gave her testimonial. When she mentioned that her dog had died last March (same month my beloved dog Dieter died) my heart broke open. I started weeping and I didn’t stop for about 90 minutes. When I finally did stop crying, I don’t know how else to say this, but I just felt the most powerful, ridiculously pure love I had ever felt. Dr. Joe calls this “intelligent love”. I had this sense of wholeness and oneness and as “huh?” as that may sound, I felt a rare moment of “everything really is okay” that I wanted to hold on to and return to for the rest of my life.

There is something so powerful, so utterly touching and real about Dr Joe’s work. Even as a person who loves the mystical and leans to the far end of “woo”, I clamber over my words when I try to describe what exactly the “IT” of his work is. I know this: it is extra-ordinary and approachable, heavily shaped by a science-oriented backbone, and utterly reliant on the energy of love.

Here’s Sandi’s testimonial that I got to witness live that helps illustrate the beauty and transformational nature of this work. I am so sooo eternally grateful.

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