“It was one of the best weeks of my life.” I know, that’s a big declaration. But that’s what I keep hearing myself say when people ask me about the Joe Dispenza workshop I attended a few months ago. I got introduced to Joe’s way back when “What the Bleep” was released and then rediscovered his work about a year ago and dove right in—I read every book, absorbed podcast interviews and videos on a daily basis and started working with his meditations daily. What this guy was teaching just felt like my homing signal.

Last July, I attended a week long in Portland. It was a full on body mind soul change and shifted how I see absolutely e v e r y t h i n g – I haven’t been the same person since. Only I can say that about me, my experience of myself is crazy foreign and a daily trip.

I was in the audience when Sandi gave her testimonial. When she mentioned that her dog had died last March (same month Dieter died) my heart broke open, I started weeping and I didn’t stop for about 90 minutes. When I finally did stop crying, I don’t know how else to say this, but I just felt the most powerful, ridiculously pure love I had ever felt.

There is something so powerful, so utterly touching and real about this work. Even a self proclaimed weirdo (I mean, geez, I do “energy work” for a living) and I often clamber over my words when I try to describe “what” it is.

So, here’s a testimonial that I witnessed live that helps illustrate the beauty and transformational nature of this work. I am so sooo eternally grateful.

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