SOMETIMES space clearings are just dang intense, there’s no other way to put it.
Had one of those over the weekend.
It doesn’t happen very often, but about 90 minutes before the session start time, I started feeling realllllllly weird. Totally out of sorts. Panicky. Freaked out. Nervous. Anxious. Like I had had 1000 cups of coffee on an empty stomach.
To be clear, we all have issues and I have one maybe 😉 as well, but panic/anxiety/intense nervousness like this are not in my fruit basket.
I even thought, “Theres’s something wrong, I’m going to have to cancel, I don’t think I can go do this clearing.” I was REALLY off. This is called massive identification.
But then a flash of insight occurred to me, “Maybe all this stuff I’m feeling isn’t mine. Just that. It’s not mine.”
A moment later, “Maybe it’s just what I’m picking up on. What I’m thinking about as I head in to do this work today.”
Instantly, I mean like freakin’ magic!💥, I felt about 75% better. I had produced a big chemical reaction in my body so I knew, because I’d let it (innocently) perpetuate, that it would take a bit for my system to fully settle down, for my jets to cool.
I got to the appointment, met my really lovely client, met the really neat home and right away checked in with the client, asking him, with curiosity, if anxiety, panic, the range of emotions and sensations I’d been feeling were familiar to him or his experience in the home.
The look on his face….yes, yes and more yes’s. That is how the work got started with this sweet home. That is how the home gets to let go. This noticing, loving awareness, acknowledging with tenderness and then an earnest letting go.
No bullying the energy.
No casting it out. “Be gone bad energy!” 🙄
No yelling at it.
No stinky smudge. 🤮
No banging pots and pans. Haha.
Gosh that house and the owner and ME….we went through the eye of the needle on this one.
Worth it. Every time.
Felt like pure, ooey gooey, sweet, vibrant, happy love in there when we were finished.
Love my job. ♥️✨💫⚡️

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