I have friend that is also a client. Lots of clients become friends and I gotta admit, I love how that works!

But this particular dear, wonderful, ultra special friend/client was one of my early adopters. I’ve never counted them up, but I bet I’ve done about fifty sessions with her over the past 20 years, that’s about three a year…sounds about right. She has an office where she treats clients and has me clear that space several times a year and then she does an annual clearing for her home, usually around January 1st (and sometimes exactly on January 1st, PRETTY CLEVER!). Not a bad way to call in the new year, IF YOU ASK ME! Get that home aligned!

This past summer, I did a clearing for her home and while I was there she remembered something from her clearing session, also for her home, back in January! One of the main things she had asked me to tune into during the January session were strong feelings of irritation, agitation and annoyance whenever she was standing in this one precise spot in the kitchen.

This is REALLY fascinating because while this friend has a big personality, is full of fire and passion and loads of other traits, as we all are, a few of the characteristics that she does NOT possess in any kind of abundance are irritation, agitation & annoyance.

The other fascinating thing about her relaying this to me was that she actually became aware of this dynamic in her kitchen after living there for several years. But she didn’t just assume it was “hers” or just live with it unconsciously or try and fix something about herself. She noted that these emotions had shown up and were present in her kitchen, that she didn’t relate to them and she called in the expert. (Me. hi.)

So I cleared her home and her kitchen and I felt all the feelings and sensations and I felt the shift and it was great! “Whew” is a lovely word that sums up how I and clients often feel at the end of session. And by the way, I really love the depth I can go when I’ve been working with a friend/client for as long as she and I have. So, when the January session was all said and done, I then I did what I do which is really helpful if you’re an energy worker; I forgot all about it.

Fast forward to our most recent clearing and she says, out of the blue while she’s relaxing on Josh the Couch (another story, another day), “Oh, Nik, remember last time how the kitchen was feeling all that irritation, agitation and annoyance and I had you clear it?” “Yessssss….?” “Oh, it just totally went away after that.” “OH good!” I replied. Happy for the happy result.

Space clearing is so elegant and can be so uncomplicated. It’s about information. It’s about who’s been in your home or who is currently in your home and what’s getting emitted and what’s being transmitted.
And then it’s tuning into that stuff and, just like this friend did, noticing the difference in your environment from one day to the next.
Or noticing that you have changed and that your space needs to come along too.
Or noticing that enough information, standing wave forms I call them, have built up and something that you didn’t notice yesterday is now noisy and very apparent.

It’s like, you might not notice one instrument playing slightly off tune in an orchestra but what if a whole section started playing off key? You’d notice that right? Our homes go through a lot. They are these ambient, living, breathing organisms that feel so absorbent to me and seem to hold actual memory and remember data. So, yea, it really is so unbelievably helpful to have your space cleared and have it feel the way you want it to, to get to the “Whew!” feeling and…we all know when our homes feel more “ew” or “ugh” than “whew”, am I right? Reach out if you’d like more info!

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