Letting go is hard and not for the faint of heart.

I’ve been organizing and decluttering my whole life and I’m here to tell you something; the struggle is real.

But the journey is worth it.

I’ve had these Converse ALL*STAR’s since I was 16 years old. That’s the 80’s people! THE 80’s!!! They’re so cute, aren’t they? Classic right?

I slipped them on the other day. Truth be told, I never wear them. But this day, they popped out of my shoe basket wanting a spin around the block.

Good God!!! They hurt like heck. The soles, flat as a pancakes. Too narrow. No breathability. How far away from home am I? This is torture.

It might be time to let them go.

But something inside me….NO!!!!!!!!
You know, the voice, “But if I get rid of them I’ll be deleting 16 year old Nicole!” (Nikki back then.)

That isn’t even true.
But it feels that way.

That’s the power our stuff has. It’s all a book mark. A reminder of some time, somewhere, some good or bad memory, a part of us that we want to remember.

That’s why LETTING GO is so darn tough sometimes. NOT because we’re hoarders or have emotional issues or some other pathological reason.

It’s hard to let go because we’re human.
And our stuff reminds us of that. Our stuff makes us feel.


I offer courses on our stuff.

They’re all about Converse All*Stars conversations because I want to know what stories your stuff tells and what you do with that.

We talk about our stuff and do some letting go. Together. It’s easier, kinder, gentler and makes more sense that way.

Reach out if you want more info.

The Converse All Stars are now in the Ridwell bin. It didn’t feel good. That’s not the point. But it felt right and it’s okay to grieve dirty, uncomfortable sneakers.

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