If you’ve followed me at all, you already know that a lot of my clutter clearing and organizing advice is very psychology and self-discovery driven.

  • How do you feel about what you have?
  • Why is this or that object important to you?
  • Tell me more about what comes up for you when you think about your home?

Stuff like that.

This blog post though, isn’t quite like that; this one is just good ol’ black and white advice. And it’s on a topic that I see a lot of you struggling with—you need more space! Even if you’ve already clutter-cleared the bejeezers out of your home and not one shred of excess can be found, you find you’re still really hurting for a little more storage.

So let’s cut right to the chase. And who knows, maybe it’ll even help prevent an expensive move to a larger home!

Number 1 More Space Tip: Baskets! I love baskets and wow, what a totally underrated storage opportunity! (If you’re not a basket type person, swap out with bins). Take a sec and go on a little tour around your home and find areas where you could see using baskets. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Bookshelves: Is it time to clear out your over-crowded bookshelves? Try it and then mix in pretty baskets or bins into the décor. The baskets and bins then also double as storage for things like dog toys, television remotes, or all the extra cell phone chargers.
  • On top of refrigerators. Use a few baskets for bread, crackers, or food items you use frequently. Here is an area where baskets also hide cluttery looking items.
  • Under sinks. Under sink areas are often deep and tall so valuable space goes unused. Find some stackable baskets or bins and go at it. Items you use least often go on the bottom.

Number 2 More Space Tip: Behind Doors! Easy peasssssy. Again, walk through your home and you’ll be amazed by all the space behind your doors. Just empty space right there! Waiting to be used! My fave behind the door tricks?

  • Over the door shoe hangers used in unconventional places like kitchens. Use them for spices, vitamins or the lower pockets are great for kids snacks so they can reach.
  • Obviously, hanging up coats is a great use of behind the door space. Just hang up an over the door hanger or rack and you’re done. Or, try something new! I dedicated an entire behind the door area just to scarves and loved it.
  • Install a giant magnetic board or white board and use it for bills, family announcements, calendaring or a place for the kiddos to doodle.

Number 3 More Space Tip: Beds! Under our beds is the best place ever to find so much extra storage! However, this can also be a clutter trap. Don’t fall for it. I do not recommend using your under bed storage for items you don’t use very often. It tends to just get forgotten. Instead, consider using your under the bed area in these ways:

  • Get a basket or bin with wheels affixed to it (I found an awesome large, flat wicker rolling basket at IKEA) and use it for your undergarments. It’s so convenient to wheel it out and see all your socks, undies, or exercise clothes easily displayed this way.
  • Shoes. So easy! So convenient. Again, get a large rolling bin and toss (or, um, neatly organize) your shoes in there. The bin will also disguise the cluttery look shoes can have and you’ll conveniently have access to all your shoes without having to dig through the bottom of your closet.
  • Hot? Cold? Hot? Cold? Use an under the bed storage unit for extra blankets that you want on an as needed basis. Extra blankets usually go in a linen closet but under the bed is way more handy!

Remember the three B’s! Beds, Behind doors & Baskets! Even if you implement just one of these tips, you’ll gain way more storage than you had before. This is one of my favorite things to do with a client and I can’t wait for you to explore and find more space in your space.

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