My Spring this year started…in France! Dad and I went on another epic journey, this one to see my sister in Toulouse. We had a ball! So much fun! So many baguettes! So much cheese! Sight seeing galore! We even witnessed a very civilized, yet robust protest. Vive la liberté!

I was blown away by what I felt and what I sensed in everything and everywhere around me, including the guest bedroom I was staying in. So much so that one night, I just could not settled down when it came time for some much needed Zzzz’s.

So I did what I do. I picked up my pendulum (have pendulum, will travel) and I decided to feel into what was going on.

Here are my notes…

Space Clearing: Notes from the field.

Toulouse, France. Mid April 2023.

Woke up at 11:11pm. WIDE AWAKE. There’s a cinema across the street & it had just let out. The crowd was lingering & their collective voices were noisy yet soothing. Maybe it’s the French accents, all of them seemingly going off at once. French, unlike any other foreign to me language, always sounds very lyrical.

I couldn’t fall back asleep so I decided to clear my bedroom. I learned Space Clearing from Eric Dowsett who I met in Seattle over twenty years ago. He mostly teaches in Europe now, no longer in the US. I’d always intended to go to one of his European space clearing retreats but never could. I found myself thinking about him & his teachings as I was clearing this room.

I’ve done distant clearing work for clients in Prague, Scotland, England & Australia. But this was my first time “sitting” in an old world energy field with my actual physical body.

…And Holy Wow!

I found myself mesmerized & intrigued by what I felt, sensed, & was interacting with.

No dead French revolutionaries came wafting through the room but the density of material was very unlike what I usually get in the US. I perked up, like when you hear a noise in your house you’re not used to and become alert to it.

I typically feel energy very specifically; “this person”, “that point in time”, “this emotion”. What showed this night though wasn’t specific, it was more of a merged feeling. It was like what used to be a specific point on a timeline, what used to be individuated emotions, what used to be certain personalities had all coalesced. The myriad of information that I was dealing with showed up as all one energetic patten.

Fassssscinnnating. It was so uncomplicated. Just pure releasing. Not fussy. It was mature energy & lent itself to releasing & letting go what was no longer relevant. I relaxed into it with curiosity & went into no-time. I love it there. The room became so quiet, so still. The present moment in a way I had never felt before.

And then I fell fast asleep.I awoke at about 9am to a noise, creeeeeeak. My door slowly sliding open and there was Jazzy the cat followed not long after by sister Jenn, “POP POP, Nik!! Time to get UP!”

I felt happy and satisfied that I snuck in a clearing blip while on my vacay. Now, to cafe!

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