Years ago, I dated a guy that lived in another state. He’d fly in to Seattle to visit ame nd after he’d taken off, I’d always discover that he’d left a trail of wadded up paper, gum wrappers, receipts, and small coins all over the floor of my room.
What the actual F*$%?

I just didn’t get it. I’d grumble and murmur angrily to myself as I picked up his trail of rubble, then I’d vacuum and then I’d clean my apartment, making it spic and span again. Returning it to order and the “Ah, everything’s alright again” feel.

The reason I’m thinking about that long ago story is because when we move out of homes, we essentially leave our energetic debris behind.
Our memories, our experiences, the life we lived there both good and bad, what we ruminated on—all that information that we emanated over time drops into our space and then, with the bonding agent of repetition, it tends to stick around.

I find this all the time when I’m doing space clearing sessions. Often, the patterns feel so strong, it’s like the people are still there. Right there In the home. But they’re not of course. Not literally anyway.
Recently, I had a client move. I’m delighted to say that he *on his very own volition* asked me to clear the home he was moving out of AND the home he was moving into.

***Damn, now that’s some seriously good karma right there.***
Consciousness at work.

I felt so touched and so sensitive to the completion that was occurring. And when I finished the work in the unit he was leaving, it felt crystal clear. It had the energetic version of a “new car smell”. Fresh, bright, calm, quiet.

I’ve spent years (23 to be precise) discerning these subtleties in spaces when they shift and change. The nuances of how an area, a room, an entire home, even a whole property can, given the opportunity, go from being out of tune and jangly to moving into a more natural state of wholeness and the “right here, right now”. That glorious present moment. It’s a stupendous thing to witness and navigate.

We’re all living life, leaving impressions and expressions wherever we go but especially in our homes. Some are literal, like the mess that dude left all over my apartment.

But a lot is not literal, like all the angry vibes I may have downloaded in my apartment because of Messy Guy. Oops!
Hmmmm perhaps I should consider distance clearing my old apartment and improving my own energetic karma.

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