If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know we just endured an epic heat wave. It’s been a week or so (9 days, whose counting?) but the burn still feels for real. It was rough.

I don’t like hot weather. You’re never ever ever gonna catch me pining for a nice sun filled day. Even when I’m somewhere that’s supposed to be warm or even HOT, like Cancun, I cringe and wither after a few moments in the sun. I live in the Pacific Northwest on purpose and that is because (back in the ol days) it used to be rain rain, glorious rain. And that suits me just fine.

Fortunately, friends invited me, Doogie and Daisy over when the weather got crispy hot. How great are friends that don’t let friends crinkle and melt away? (The best!) And then, how great are those same friends when, say, I get a big Stuffology *ITCH* while buffing glasses dry in their kitchen and they then let me GO FOR IT! (My bliss, what can I say?)

But this isn’t usually how it happens. I don’t just go all kitchen Rambo commando without the people there. That’s not Stuffology. Oh, but wait…what if this IS a version of Stuffology?

Here’s the thing. Stuffology can look a lot of different ways. In this case, my friends didn’t participate in the actual Stuffology shake down like most do. I did ask a bunch of questions though, before diving in. (Curiosity is very Stuffology.) I asked them about things that didn’t make sense to me. (It’s important to know what’s actually working or not because maybe their kitchen makes perfect sense to them!)

What I wondered was, could their kitchen feel more intuitive, a little more user friendly? Some of the things I asked were, “Why are the cutting boards in this drawer? How come you have these things mixed in together? Do you like having the extra grocery bags up there? Where they fall on your head when you open up the cabinet?” Stuff like that.

​And then my friends went off to run errands and I dug in. I used their answers to sort, figure out, reorg and then I created a “???” pile for when they got back.

​When they returned, they were happy! The changes made sense! They could find things! And they answered my questions about the “???” items. We were able to integrate those items back in to the kitchen or put them in the give away pile.​

Stuffology is energizing, fun, freeing and it’s all about you. Is your kitchen or some other area in your home not working quite the way you want it to? If so, reach out to me and let’s chat. Let’s sort it out.

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