A whole new way to approach clutter & organizing.
Monday, February 3, 2020 from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

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You’ve been wanting to get organized! You’ve even read all the books and followed all the methods! But—it’s just not happening. Or maybe it did happen but it didn’t really stick.

This course is the reset button you need!

Stuffology begins with a fresh mindset, a new way of thinking about your stuff and offers a way to “go there” that isn’t agonizing. Heck, you might even enjoy it!

And, for the first time ever, you can join me right from the comfort of your possibly not-so organized living room and learn all about it!

Who is this class for?
It’s for YOU if you’ve ever had any of the following thoughts:
-You’ve wanted to hire a professional organizer but have always thought “I should be able to do this myself!”
-You’ve thought about hiring a professional organizer (or even asking a friend for help!) but having someone “see your mess” feels terrifying and embarrassing, maybe even a little shameful
-You’ve thought, “I’ll get around to it someday” but “someday” never comes along.

A few things I’ll teach:
-How Stuffology is different from clutter clearing/organizing and why this matters
-The 3 most important elements of successful Stuffology-ing
-Where people get stuck and fool proof ways to get un-stuck!

What you’ll leave this class with:
-Knowing exactly where you’re going to start your Stuffology journey
-Armed with clues on when you’re heading in the wrong direction and how to get back on track
-You’ll feel energized and inspired! I’ll finish the workshop with a Q&A segment so you’ll be ready and set to go!

Join me! I’m thirty years deep into the Stuffology process and I’m confident I can steer you toward creating a home you love and that feels just the way you want it to!

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