The other day I was just minding my own business, out with Daisy and mostly waiting for her to finish sniffing a random plant. It had been well over a minute by now. I noticed a woman sitting in a lawn chair out in front of the home across the street. The front door to the home was wide open.

“That’s weird.” I thought.

Then I noticed that there were more cars parked on the street than usual and people were mingling around.

“That’s odd.” I thought.

THEN, I put two and two together: AN OPEN HOUSE! I love an Open House. Of course, I couldn’t resist. I sauntered over. Yep, it was an Open House all right but the home was not for sale. It’s for rent!

“Mind if I take a peek?” I said to the rental agent after she and I introduced ourselves with socially distanced waves and pleasantries. There are few things that I enjoy more than touring a home.

“By all means!” she said, her large brimmed hat and arms waving me into the home.

I trotted in, excited to see the interior of this old home. I admit that I’d been curious about this quiet, private house and had walked by it no less than a thousand times.

I crossed the threshold and into the empty, mustard colored living room. Then it all started to happen. All the feelings. All the memories. All the ancient experiences. All of it, lingering in the air. I felt sad. Heavy. Worried. Anxious. Confused. Mad. Complacent. Afraid. All in the span of just a few moments.

“Dang!” I thought. “That’s a lot of information!”

I then felt myself pick up speed. I zoomed through, barreling down the basement stairs, noting the features of the home room by room. I wanted so badly to build a case for how cool this old home was with its original door handles, one of a kind light fixtures and the hardwood floors.

Truth be told though, I couldn’t make a good case for this old home and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

The rental agent looked up and smiled when I plunged clumsily out of the home and down the front stairs. “Lovely!” I said.

But what I meant to say was this. “Agent lady…this house desperately needs to be cleared! You’ve got about one hundred years of people history packed inside and it feels thick as a dense forest. People walking into this house might not even see the beauty and the wonderful features of this home because they’re feeling all the stuff everyone else who lived here left behind.”

I didn’t say that though. My experience is, not everyone gets it, or wants to get it and it didn’t make sense in that moment to interrupt Agent Lady as she pored over a thick pile of reading material. Also, she’d proudly said she already had over forty people walk through and a pile of applications rested on the grass next to her.

Space clearing is a conversation that’s becoming way more common, one less and less difficult to wrap our minds around. Far more people are adopting the notion that our spaces, mostly our homes but not limited to that, FEEL a certain way—often within a range of feelings we then label “good” to “bad”.

What we’re really talking about here is energy. Everything is made up of energy, wee particles of vibrating stuff called thoughts, emotions, things that go buzz, our actual bodies, the chair you’re sitting on reading this—it’s all vibrating energy, at its essence. When we have experiences, we stimulate energy and often when energy isn’t fully processed, like when, for example, Mom and Dad have a big, scary fight—a heavy dense energy can simply linger.

Getting back to the house across the street. Say someone lived there who felt a tremendous amount of anger. Yes, an angry person. Day in day out, they were angry and emitted anger vibes. It doesn’t take long for the home to start having the feeling of anger too.

Pretty soon, the angry person doesn’t even need to be in the home feeling anger for the home to feel that way.

Multiply this by one hundred years, dozens of people, multiple families and lives lived and it’s not hard to imagine why spaces feel a certain way.

And we just move into that? Yes, that’s what we do, all the time! We find a home, we weigh the pros and cons and often we even love the home! So we say yes and we move in, rarely thinking twice about who or what was there and what might be influencing you, how you feel and your experiences in the space.

What I’m getting here is this, entertain the notion that your space is a living, breathing organism—full of life experiences and vibrating like crazy.

Then, ask yourself all or a few of these questions:

-Am I having the experience I want in life?

-Are things going my way for the most part?

-Do I love how my home feels?

-Have things felt out of sorts for me since I moved into this home?

The power in asking these questions is it may just open your eyes to what experiences you want to be having in life and aren’t. Then, begin imagining what your home would feel like if it felt more like the life you dream about.

Many people love their homes and are 100% in sync with them. Yet, many others aren’t and suffer needlessly in a space that has tough energy, challenging dynamics or a troubled past. All of which has nothing to do with you at all except that you’re swimming in this energy.

You can do something about it though, you can clear the energy of your space. Start fresh, press the reset button and begin imagining what you want your home to feel like.

My for clearing energy is a heart based model where I “Venn Diagram” (connect/overlap) with the home and feel into what’s going on. A pure presence, a heart connection and a willingness to have strange and often uncomfortable sensations and feelings move through my body has a powerful way of releasing energy. My technique is effective and life changing. I am told so regularly.

It’s my love for spaces and for people and how they live in spaces that pulls me into homes like the one across the street. I’m curious about that little home. It’s been empty now for a few weeks, no-one has moved in. I wonder what’s going on, what others are thinking and feeling when they tour the home? I want the home to feel happy and purposeful. I want someone to live there and feel like it’s their sacred space to dwell and to experience their life—right here, right now in this precious present moment.

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