A few weeks ago, I had a new client who came to see me at the wee cottage and it was amazeballs. And I mean that literally. A client came to me…with her crystal ball! She refers to herself as a ‘third generation intuitive’ and had inherited the ball. It was deemed (by other woo-woo experts) dark and full of BAD STUFF and before she dared do anything with it, she told me, she wanted it cleared.

So she came to the wee cottage with her crystal ball in a brown paper sack, wrapped in a kitchen towel. (So awesome.)
But…it wasn’t dark.
And it wasn’t full of (too much) bad stuff.
But it did need to be cleared.

Everything is made of energy and if you’re feeling a little dark, not quite like yourself and kind of want to stick your head in a brown paper sack—maybe it’s time for some personal clearing. Not sure what to expect or if it’s right for you? Reach out to me and we’ll chat.

(And you don’t have to bring a crystal ball. You can just bring you.)

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