Text message comes in. “Can you look at a listing I have in Wallingford, before this weekend? It’s needs an energy clearing.”

PING! Next text: “This is Dave Marks, by the way.”

Me: “Sure! how about (blahdey blahdey) day and time?”

Three texts later: We were all set.  (This is what I call a ?ideal sitch.)

Remember Dave? From a few newsletters ago? I’ve known Dave a long time and way back when, I cleared his home and things went BANG and KABOOM. You can read that whole story here.  But this time, Dave wanted help with a listing he had on the market. I arrived at the For Sale home on our set day and got the scoop. The house had been on the market for one week and in that seven days, it got two offers and then, one after the other, both fell through. Massive bummer! Disappointing and aggravating all the way around; for the sellers, for the agents on both sides of the deal and for the potential buyers.

“I’m not messing around, Nicole” Dave said with a clever smile as he jangled his keys and let us in the home, “let’s get the energy thing figured out and get this house sold.” Alrighty then.  Here’s what was up: the sellers had built the home about twenty years ago; a beautiful craftsman with every detail, every nook and cranny thought out to precision. They created their dream home and had been the sole owner and occupants. As I meandered through the home, I started imagining and feeling a strong pull into the web of the sellers lovely energy. They had such specific personalities, very strong likes and dislikes and they are what I’d call “wood” people. That’s a whole other subject relating to Five Element Theory but basically, these sellers are “Do’ers” with a strong sense of right vs wrong, clear opinions and positions and a solid sense of Self. That last bit, “the strong sense of self”?—THAT’S what was messing everything up with regard to the sale of the home.

What was happening was this: potential buyers were visiting the home. When they entered, they (just like I did) felt swept away in the current owner energy to the point where they were overlaying, imagining and playing out a future life they’d have in the home. The problem was, it was a future based on the mirror image of the life and personalities of the current owners, not really—them.  Then, because of the strong Do-ing energy, BAM—offers were made and voila! Done-ish deal. Except that, when the buyers left the home and got out of this energy, they shook themselves awake from the mystical magical dream scape of this potential life and were like…”Uh, WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE!?!?!”  If you’re thinking right about now, “That seems extreme, Nicole, nobody is that gullible” I invite you do a quick Google search on “how do emotions affect home buying” and see the results endlessly scroll before your very eyes. OR, just ask any real estate agent, “Hey, do think how people feel when they walk into a home has anything to do with them actually buying?” and then watch the “Uh, DUH!!!” expression register on their faces.

I’ll cop to it too. Take my wee cottage. The first time I walked in, I was shocked because, it WAS NOT the home I’d created and wrote down on THE LIST. You know, THE LIST you make when you’re looking for a new home or place to live? The list that helps you manifest your dream home because if it doesn’t have all the items welp, that’s a pass, sorrry!? Well, according to my list, the wee cottage wasn’t it. Except for that, it totally was. All of the sudden, I didn’t care about items 2-6 (out of 10), I just knew, “This is it, this is the one.” That’s energy people.

Back to the craftsman. Dave and his assistant Sarah were pleased with the clearing and had scheduled an Open House the next day. To reinforce the new feeling now present in the home, via the clearing, they decided to serve a lovely sparkling beverage, light candles and have fresh fruit and pastries out for potential buyers.  The home got an offer at the Open House and so far, so good. (It’s been about a month, all is well.)

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