A client I met about six years ago has now hired me at least a few dozen times. We’ve done space clearing work in her personal home, personal clearing work for her and also space clearings for homes that she represents as a real estate agent.

We don’t hang out in our spare time but I consider her a friend and have loved getting to know her via our work together.

The last time I was at her house for a space clearing session, something came up…and not for the first time! It didn’t have to do with the space clearing process we were engaged in (the energy you can’t see) but it definitely had energy to it.

It was clutter.

To clarify, this client is not excess oriented and doesn’t typically struggle with clutter and disorganization. Her gorgeous home is a more minimalist style with beautiful sleek furniture and a mostly black and white decor dotted with some neutrals accents. It’s both comfortable but swanky. Not a kids home, comes to mind.

Exception…an upstairs spare bedroom that’s become a repository zone for a whole buncha rando items; paperwork, returns that need to be taken care of, old letters, pictures and memorabilia. We were standing in this room and my client looked around and then looked at me and said declaratively, “I really need your help with this!”
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She’s said this before but then we’d never set up a Stuffology session. Except for this time, I WAS ALL OVER IT. I immediately recommended (insisted) that we book a sesh and get after it and that we did, one week later.

Our session was phenomenal and my client was blown away by how much we got done. The process was totally different than what she’d imagined. (It’s true, my process is 100% different than any other professional organizer out there). What pleased me to no end was that at the end of our session she felt very clear about her next steps and was energized and excited to keep going.

And then, as we were wrapping up, she said to me, “Seriously, Nicole, this is what you do? I had no idea.” She went on to say that she didn’t know exactly what to expect but that she thought it might be like a Marie Kondo approach.

No. I do not do the Kondo thing.

I was thrilled by what we accomplished but even more thrilled by how freed up and happy my client was. She just couldn’t stop talking about the results and sent me multiple texts with updates over the next week.

It made me think about how so many people don’t have a good model for how to go through and get through the enormity of their stuff. They get tired. They feel overwhelmed. They get stuck and don’t know what to do. They become distracted. They get frustrated. They work too long. (I only work in 2-hour sessions with clients.) They don’t know how to set up the process to ensure that they’re going to accomplish what they want to.

But I do! I have worked with clients for over 30 years now and I can hold an enormity of non judgmental, compassionate and kind hearted space so we can get down to biz and do some serious clearing up and clearing out. Stuffology at its essence is about YOU and by that I mean that I don’t overlay my ideas or preconceived notions about how things should look or be arranged in your home. It’s a unique process to have someone with you side-by-side, helping you navigate in this way.

And the best, I mean really the absolute best part of it is that you feel so darn good in your home again. And feeling home in your own home, loving where you live and spend so much time, that is worth its weigh in gold.

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