I Stuffologized my closet last week and I’m still, days later, reeling from it.

The day after I did it, I dreamt about a pair of jeans that I’d put in the donate bag and woke up super sad about giving them away. It’s really time, but I still felt sad. Those jeans and I, we’d been around. I remember when I wore them for coffee at Joe Bar when my best friend was visiting. I wore them while riding on the back of a moped with my friend Leila. I wore them while sitting crosslegged in front of a wood burning fireplace, hoping my undies weren’t peeking out because they were low waisted, but I was just trying to stay warm.

A day or so later, for what seemed like no reason at all, I kept thinking about a specific time in my life, about 10 years ago. It was like a slideshow kept running through my mind and memory after memory kept popping up, skirting away the present moment. Snippets of my past I hadn’t thought about since they’d happened, showed up! “What is going on?” I thought. And then I recalled that a few blouses I’d also donated where from that exact time in my life.

A dance was happening between me and my stuff as I waded through a grieving process brought on by ME when I deeply and consciously went through my closet. The sadness and other emotions felt like they were hanging out in the fibers of my clothing and by my choice to let them go, they were surfacing and releasing, bidding a final farewell.

A few days went by and guess what?! I was surprise gifted the most awesome new winter coat! (I know, it’s almost March but I’m always freezing and wear my winter coat until the end of April.) It’s totally badass and I just love it. It was so unexpected and I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect coat.

Of course, I can’t help but think that because I created a little bit of space and room in my life, this new coat entered in, one that feels so nice and pretty luxurious too.

This Stuffology thing — it’s pretty mysterious, deep, magical and potent. If you’re just looking for results (ex: you want a clean closet!) you will get them using Stuffology. If you’re looking to resolve fresh or ancient material you’re carrying around, you will get that using Stuffology.

I keep peeking at my closet every time I walk by. It feels soooo good. Stuffology is about the literal examination of what you have and why you have it. What also happens though is that you find a little more of who you are kerneled up in your things, waiting to unfold and reveal some meaning or be set free. Often it’s a little bit of both.

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