I was hired to clear a For Sale home in Magnolia — a beautiful, mostly residential neighborhood in Seattle that overlooks the Puget Sound.

The home was not selling and it was SO dire that the owners took it off the market, waited for it to refresh and then re-listed it with a new agent.

The new agent knew of me and called me to come over. The owner was happy to try “anything.” She greeted me at the door and then invited me to do my thing and said she’d be working in her office. “Okay!” I said and began clearing the home, room by room.

A few rooms in, I noticed the owner’s poodle was standing at my feet while I was working. “Oh hey buddy!” I greeted him, gave him an ear scratch and moved on. And then the next room and each room after that, there he was, either at my feet, sitting next to where I was standing or just hanging out in close proximity. But what was odd was that he wasn’t just standing there, sleeping or relaxing…he was staring at me.

Finally I looked down at him and I said with total earnestness, “What’s up mister? You seem like you’ve got something on your mind.” And at that very moment, something WEIRD happened. I went into this hazy trance-like moment and my mind flooded with words and pictures that seemed to be coming…from the DOG. But what happened next was even stranger.

I started to cry. The dog was scared and worried. He didn’t understand what was happening. Where were his people going? What was going on with the house? Why all the commotion? Why all the strangers visiting? And his biggest question of all: if his people were going somewhere, were they going to take him with them?

His intensity was so strong, it was literally creating a field of energy that I can only describe as effectively blocking any positive outcome for the sale of the home. “Rufus, you sweet and worried dog, are you warding off potential buyers?” I thought as I looked at the cute furry face staring up at me.

At the end of the session I asked the owner if I could share with her what my experience was and she eagerly said, “Yes, of course!” I gave her the low-down on the themes throughout the house and then I said, “This is kind of an odd question but, you’re taking Rufus with you when you move, right?” She peered back at me like I had six heads. “Why of course we are! We love him, he’s our dog!” With my face in a total deadpan, I then replied, “Well, I’d like to recommend that you let him know, tell it to him straight, because he 100% thinks you’re leaving him behind.”

She looked puzzled and a bit out of her comfort zone, but when I suggested that I believed there was a link between Rufus and the house selling, she was on it and promised to have a heart to heart with him as soon as I left.

The next day I got a call from the real estate agent, “Nicole, what did you do??? We just got an offer on the house!”

I smiled. Not me, really. Rufus.

The point of this true story is obvious. Let your WHOLE HOUSEHOLD KNOW what’s up if you’re moving! Let your plants know, let your dogs know, let your cats know, let your home know. Get everyone and everything on the same energetic page.

We are all one. We’ve all heard that before.

And when you’ve got a house on the market or you’re going through major transition in your household, this is one of those times to take those words literally.


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